Always in Fashion

Krystalos was founded by Joan Laureano and Arturo Fradera. We offer jewelry pieces that set the trend through the different collections. Each piece goes through a glazing process to extend its durability. 

Something that fascinates people who prefer Krystalos are the semi-precious crystals and stones that we include in the designs. In addition to elegance, you will be buying conversation pieces. Runway jewelry for your daily use. What you acquire at Krystalos, you will not see anywhere else.

We make your dream of looking spectacular come true

We want our pieces to highlight who you are. That is why our variety includes from colorful and cheerful pieces, to pieces in neutral tones that reflect more formality. We even have devotionally inspired pieces! In our virtual boutique you can find the style that best suits you. Because, believe it or not, it is your skin that will add even more magic to our brand.

Exclusivity, Good Price and Ethical Manufacturing

At Krystalos we want to create unique pieces that you not only admire in photos, but that you can also acquire. So we work keeping in mind that fashion must go hand in hand with the economic reality of today's world.

At the same time, we understand that the excess of focus on the cheap seriously affects the quality of the products, as well as the opportunities for decent employment and professional growth of the working class of our country. That is why we do not leave behind the ETHICAL manufacturing aspect of our products. Our pieces are created in appropriate and dignified occupational conditions, and with fair remuneration for their work.

In short, at Krystalos, we have designs that combine fair prices, quality and professional ethics.

Safe and easy virtual shopping

Without leaving home, you can buy each of our designs. All our shipments are made quickly and safely. Our packages include a tracking number so you can know the location of your package at all times. We ship to all of Puerto Rico and the United States, as well as to international destinations.

If you have doubts about what accessories to buy for your trousseau, we will gladly provide you with the advice you need to safely go with your purchase. This is why a multitude of celebrities and beauty queens have trusted Krystalos over the years. Because we do not limit ourselves to a good product ... we also distinguish ourselves by offering a personalized service. It is like having an accessory designer in your own home.

Discover your new favorite boutique

Accessories make your trousseau look completely different every day. But only an accessory that perfectly combines the impact factor with elegance can turn even the simplest dress into a trousseau that everyone will have to look at. And what better than such an accessory when you wake up in the morning and want a spectacular look, but that is easy and quick to create! Our pieces have such a style that you will feel that they dress you by themselves.

There are girls who buy new designs from us weekly. Others consider us the ideal boutique even to make gifts, thanks to the versatility and variety of styles we offer. For them and for you, we work hard. We want you to feel that Krystalos is like your private accessory designer, who is there for you whenever you need a simply enviable look.